100% natural, recyclable, biodegradable and hypoallergenic


Pillow (25 x 14,5cm). Mde of cotton cloth and cherry pits (around 1500 cherry pits or 350 grams).

DIRECTIONS (suggested use)

Safely and conveniently heat the pillow using a microwave. Certain microwaves have different settings. We suggest that you never heat up this product longer than 1 minute at a hightest setting of 850W.


Since it is a natural product, this pillow may overheat and can cause injury if heated longer than recommended. Always check temperature before using. Adapts to any body part. Hand or machine washable (30 degrees C/ 86 drgrees F max.). This product can also be used wet. Place theRICOXETE pillow under water, take out and let excess water run out. Place in macrowave for one minute max at the highest setting of 850W to obtain 'moist heat'.


Comfrtable for all ages. Replaces the traditional hot water bag or heating pad for use in muscle relaxation and massages. Provides pain relief for symptoms that use thermotherapy as a healing method, such as neck pain, mestrual cramps, menopause, osteoporosis, breast pain due to nursing, etc. Always check the temperature of RICOXETE pillow before using it on babies for the relief of colic pain or simply to keep your baby warm. Due to its pratical and effortless utilization, this pillow is also recommended to be used by senior citizens.

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